If you want to make your own music box, you need to be patient. However, this process is not as hard as you may think. Look for a hinged wooden box as well as a music box mechanism. Then, you can create your music box. After that, you just need to decorate the hinged wooden box. Keep reading the writing to learn how to make a windup music box.


A windup Music Box is a Sophisticated Piece of Engineering

These boxes have been around since the 18th century. Some of them have the size of a loaf of bread. However, some models are as big as a dresser. You can use them to enjoy some nice parlor music. In the 19th century, these music boxes are continually refined their designs.

Things You Will Need

  • Box or sculpture
  • Movement
  • Drill bit
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Rag
  • Vacuum
  • Screwdriver

Steps to Make a Windup Music Box

Step 1:

Look for a box, sculpture, or container you plan to use for your music box. Also, you need to invest in a movement for your music box. It should have the song of your selection.

Step 2:

Determine the place you want your movement. If you are having a sculpture, it may be a hollowed-out bottom. Besides, you need to place the movement to one side or the center if there is a box.

Step 3:

You also should sketch a mark for the hole of ¼ inch in diameter. The holes should be marked for the two screws. Then, they will hold the movement in place. There may be different measurements because they depend on the kind of movement you choose.

Step 4:

Drill the holes accordingly. Also, you can remove all the debris and sawdust by vacuuming out your music box. Then, you use the rag to dust the place you are going to attach the movement.

Step 5:  

It is time to unscrew the key from the movement. The screw onto the box. However, it must be tight. If music boxes can vibrate against something, they will make much noise.

Step 6:

Now, you need to screw the key back into the movement. Also, you should wind your movement up to test the music box. We recommend you to hear your tune playing clearly. Sometimes, you may have to tighten the screws.

How to Repair a Windup Music Box

It may be difficult to repair music boxes. If it isn’t winding up, you can try a few things before contacting a professional repairman.

All you need to do is to carefully wind your box key in the opposite direction. Then, wind the key as normal. If you notice your music box still doesn’t play, it is time for the next step. You will need to apply a few drops of lubricant to the winding key stem.

Then, let it sit for a few minutes. If your music box still doesn’t play, apply a drop of lubricant to the base, top, and centre of the endless screw. To do it, you can use a pinpoint oiler. Then, let the lubricant sit for a few minutes before winding the key to playing your music.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you repair a music box?

Any competent local woodworker can repair cases. Your music box is an excellent musical instrument. Therefore, its integrity is directly associated with the volume. Sounding boards are made of Sitka spruce.

  1. Why are music boxes so expensive?

You can find music boxes at between $30 and $10,000. If you choose one with the bigger mechanical movement inside, it will be more expensive.

  1. Why do music boxes sound creepy?

An old music box can make incorrect notes. Besides, it also may make a dissonant version of the song.

  1. How many notes can a music box play?

There are 30 notes. The music box comes with a range of just over 3 octaves. Besides, the music box also can play a mostly chromatic scale.


It is important to have a windy music box for your daily purposes. The windup music box you will choose may vary. Your option depends on different aspects including objective measures, subjective factors, as well as other specific requirements. Despite a variety of recommendations, you need to take your time to choose ones that suit most people’s needs. We have just let you know how to make a windup music box. We hope these steps are useful to you.

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