Your music box may become broken because of a starter malfunction. You can repair this problem at home. Indeed, it is not essential to take it to a repair shop if you learn how to repair it yourself. However, you have to do it carefully. If you still have a warranty for your music box, you should take your box to the shop to avoid repairing it yourself. If you want to know how to fix a music box, look no further. We will give you a guide here.


How to Fix a Broken Music Box

Button Starter

If a button starter of your music box does not play the music, there may be a problem with the distance between the metal plate and the starter device.

You also should check the button device for any nuts. Check if they are loose. Then, tighten them if needed. Position the metal plate closer to the starter device.

Wire Starter

This music box plays if you open the lid. It stops if you close down the lid. If your music box does not play, you should open up the lid. At the same time, you need to check the wire position. The wire will block the air brake when it is in contact with the air brake.

Besides, you can also use a pair of small pliers to change the wire angle. If your music box can play, but not stop even when you already closed the lid down, you may need some adjustment for the wire.

You need to pull up the metal stick if the adjustment of the wire doesn’t operate at all. When you notice the metal stick is slightly bent, you may have to change it.

Pin Starter

You should check not only the musical movement but also the starter device if the music box does not play when the pin is already pulled out. Then, you have to replace a pin because it can hinder your music box to play.

If the music box does not stop playing even when the pin is pushed, you need to do some adjustments to the movement. If the issue still happens, the reason may be that the pin has a short length. You need to lengthen it by sticking some tape at the pin tip.

String Pull Starter

The spring may be broken or disconnected without resistance felt after pulling the strings. You should not repair your music box yourself. Instead, consider asking a professional for a music box to repair it.

Besides, you may have to apply a little amount of WD-40 to the area if some elements inside have oxidized or corroded. If your starter device still does not work, you may need a little lubrication on the base, top, and center of the endless screw.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the music box work?

It operates by rotating a metal cylinder that has protruding pins. They are to pluck the prongs of a comb made of steel. The notes we hear are the sounds resonating from the vibrating prongs.

  1. Do music boxes use batteries?

Many music buttons, as well as boxes run on batteries. If they don’t work, you can replace buttons to increase the life of your item.

  1. How do you lubricate a music box?

To lubricate your music box, you can apply a few drops of a lubricant to your winding key system. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, you can wind the key to play the music.

  1. How long do music boxes last?

These music boxes play from four bars to eight bars. They can last three minutes or so if you fully wound them.


Music boxes are great gifts for family members and friends. However, they may break lower. Therefore, you should know how to fix it. Luckily, there are many ways you can use to repair your music boxes. For many people, it may be a difficult task to repair a music box. If you do not have considerable mechanical skill, you should not try to repair your music box yourself. In this post, we have just mentioned some basic steps on how to fix a broken music box. We hope it helped your tasks become easier.

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  1. Hope you can help. I have a Reuge music box I’m trying to fix but can’t get to movement. I unwound the key and unscrewed to screws at bottom . Now the movement is loose in box under glass. Both screws went into movement , not to a removable bottom. Do I need to remove a side frame from glass and enter top. Any suggestions.

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