Music box mechanisms can produce excellent sounds. They make our music boxes a household treasure and a great gift. They operate by rotating a metal cylinder with protruding pins plucking the individual prongs of a comb. To understand more about music box mechanisms, we will provide you with our top five best music box mechanisms on the market these days.


Top Five Best Music Box Mechanisms Reviews

18 Note Mechanical Movement Music Box Component with Winding Key

18 Note Mechanical Movement Music Box Component with Winding Key

This music box mechanism is made for many purposes, as a gift. It comes with 18 notes along with a cylinder. Moreover, it operates perfectly to give you a good and homogenous sound.

You can use it constantly from two to twenty minutes. Besides, it has a good looking, due to its attractive gold color. There are over 400 song options for you. Therefore, it allows you to personalize your music box with song options.


  • Sound great
  • Works amazing
  • A great gift
  • Good quality


  • An issue if your box does not have feet


Huiliduo Gold Plating 18 Note Musical Movement

Huiliduo Gold Plating 18 Note Musical Movement

If you want to make your own music, you should consider the Huiliduo Musical Movement.  It allows you to do that. It is made of metal. All you have to do is to turn the spring by using the key. Then, release it, and it will play.

Therefore, it is simple to operate. There are 8 circles if drum turns available. It can run between two and three minutes.


  • Beautiful tones
  • High quality
  • Affordable price


  • Too quiet


Sankyo National Artcraft Music Box Musical Movement

Sankyo National Artcraft Music Box Musical Movement with Key Plays Over The Rainbow

One of the most famous brands of the producer of musical movements is the Sankyo. If you are choosing a music box mechanism, you should not ignore this product. It is a sturdy musical movement.

You can use it as a great gift. It comes with a white plastic shell that you can remove if you want. It is sure to provide you with a nice range of tones.


  • A memorable gift
  • Sounds great
  • Well made
  • Excellent price


  • The song is short


Bankour Silver Plated Wind up Sankyo Musical Movement

Bankour Silver Plated Wind up Sankyo Musical Movement for DIY Music Boxes

This musical movement is also a popular choice out there. This one is just part of the music box for DIY. Therefore, you need to fix it into a box, a case, or other. For example, you can fit it into a plastic case or a wooden box.

This model can run for about 2 to 3 minutes. You will also receive a key for winding up as well as 3 bolts.


  • Sounds great
  • Works perfectly
  • A key for winding up included


  • A little expensive


18 Note Musical Mechanism Golden Handcrank Music Movement

18 Note Musical Mechanism Movement for DIY Music Box

Our last product is the 18 Note Musical Mechanism Hancrank movement. It includes the song “Fur Elise”. To operate it, you need to turn the model manually. If you release it, the music will not play.

This model is ideal for the music box. It brings an excellent overall looking. Moreover, this movement also works perfectly.


  • Perfect fit the music box
  • Great appearance
  • Works perfectly


  • The melody could sound better


You can buy a range of traditional musical movements to fit into your own made music boxes. Moreover, they may be used to replace a broken movement in an old box. They are perfect for the enthusiast who wants to make their own musical box. All of the music box mechanism we have just mentioned previously are worth the investment. They are great options for your music box. If you are going for the best music box mechanism, you should consider them.

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