If you have just caught up with the vinyl craze, you should know that there are few accessories that you need. Record player enthusiasts will be quick to tell you the usage of having a cork turntable mat. This essentially can help with improving the sound quality of the records and also bring a reduction in the skipping rate. Then some people are passionate about just the record player and don’t pay much heed to anything else. Here is the Cork Turntable Mat Review from Corkery. This can make your selection for the best mat that you can go for.


CORKery Decoupled Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter Mat Review

The mat by Corkery has been made with cork granules as the base. There is a slight mix of rubber in it as well. The usage of this material will be making the mat a lot more durable when compared with the ones that are made of plain cork. This will also be a good product for you if you are looking forward to a replacement of felt mats. It will be cost-effective and certainly surpasses most of the key qualities of felt mats.

This mat is soft and ensures the complete safety of your records. As the material doesn’t attract a lot of dust towards it, you won’t have to worry about good cleaning. One can just take a small brush and remove the added dust particles.

One of the best benefits of the mat is that it will improve the record and drive grip with the needle. These results in a cleaner sound, enriched dynamic range, and solid bass. Also, the static load is lessened.

Even after the fact that this can be a bit smaller for some turntables, for the most part, it will work well with any record player that you currently own.

CORKery Decoupled Cork N Rubber Turntable Platter Mat
  • The mat makes sure that records are staying flat over it.
  • This mat will dampen the resonances that are created from the turntable platters that are made of metal.
  • The mechanical noise is immensely reduced.


  • When you open the package there can be small cork bits over the records.

Extra Tips:


1. Buy A Mat That Fits With The Turntable You Own:

Understand that not all mats will be of the same size. There can be a difference in the spindle spacing and also platter size can vary. So if you want to widen the opening of the spindle, you can use a utility knife or drill to do that. However, make sure that you don’t go overboard with this will cause issues. The best is doing good research before you go ahead with your purchase.

2. Try Combining Multiple Mats:

There can be times when having a cork mat and glass mat as the cork mat will be great. So you can rearrange the record player mats and this can offer you even better sound than you expected.

3. Make sure that needle is perfectly placed:

When you combine a mat with a spacer, remember about the arm of the record player. One has to be sure of correcting the weight that you put over it. If it’s too little, there will be bounce and skipping. If the weight is too much there can be gouge on the vinyl. So make sure that you remember that.

Cork Turntable Mat Review: FAQ

1.   Are cork mats for turntables good?

The Cork mat is made of attractive materials and also offers you good improvement over the felt mats that you usually get with a lot of turntables. Cork also offers an affordable upgrade that also improves the sound quality drastically. Also, as it improves the quality of sound in a significant manner and this happens by improving the contact.

2. Should we use a cork turntable mat?

In the most basic terms, platter mates are used for dampening the resonance and lowering additional vibrations that are observed between the record player platter surface as well as other turntable parts. The platter mat should be used for having a better audio experience.

3. What do cork mats do?

A cork turntable mat is a disc-shaped object and can be placed between the vinyl and platter. This will ensure a smooth record spinning and the sound that you listen to will stay even. At the end of the day, the specific sound difference that you need from your record player will decide the material of the mat that you choose.

Final Words:

Some of the important accessories can help in taking your music experience to another level. This cork mat by Corkery is not only affordable but also will make sure that there is no wear and tear on the record player while enhancing the sound quality. It is a high-quality mat that assures protection of the records, reduces vibrations, and also smoothes the audio. This review must have helped with the search for a durable cork mat and you can certainly try this one out.

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