If you have just started with the personal quest in vinyl, you must be looking for something that’s just plugged and play in a few seconds and can deliver an excellent result. I have had to search for the same and was able to find one and will share my experience through the Teac TN-400s review right here!

Teac Tn-400s Review

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What is Teac TN-400s?

So today I will be talking to you about record players! Well, a specific one called Teac TN-400s. The design and manufacturing are done byTeac. The record player is well suited for something that we refer to as Audiophile In Training aka A.I.T.

In simple words, it can be a good choice for people that are searching for something affordable, reliable, and can offer quality sound apart from the looks. But another aspect that I know that we all look for is understanding and getting all of the information that we can get before we make an investment in such a piece of equipment.

The good news is that I understand that and have all of the data that you need. Teac is a well-known brand and this can be seen in the precise engineering in the Teac TN-400s. It also offers great sound each time.

Teac TN-400s Review at a Glance

Teac TN-400s

Well, we found the initial set-up to be pretty easy, and once you can do that you just have to play your favourite music. Honestly, it is not that difficult to be working with a record player, but you might need to spend a bit of time to get used to it.

You can adjust the arm if required for producing good results, but of course, it seems to be a bit tricky initially. Once I was able to have the correct setting, then it was all easy. You will also be able to master it the second time and then can work on improving the listening experience further.

Teac Tn-400s Review: Pros and Cons

  • It has an in-built preamp.
  • Comes with a motor of high torque for enhancing the experience of record playing.
  • Can produce the sound of high fidelity.
  • Comes with three speeds.
  • The arm is S-shaped.
  • There is a belt moved die-cast platter that’s vital for precise operation control
  • The spindle is low-friction for smooth playing.
  • Has a double bronzed spindle for keeping precise speeds after hours of use.
  • Any amp can be used with it.
  • The USB port offers you the convenience of backup creation of the vinyl on PC.
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth capability.
  • The USB leads for connecting the PC with it are not included.

Important Feature of Teac Tn-400s That You Shouldn’t Miss

For starters, I found that TN-400S with S-Shaped Tonearm will be a good turntable for starting. The TEAC Corporation has been associated with the design and manufacturing of quality pieces of equipment for years now and they seem to know they work well.

This will be an affordable yet quality product and this specific model I found had ticked a lot of our list boxes. Here are some of the best features that the product offers:

Analog Playback of high quality

The TN-400s has a subsonic filter. There is also an A2D converter that comes with two varied components that will make sure that there is a complete and positive sound experience for you. The low-frequency sound is easily filtered out for preventing several from being sent towards the amp.

The playback is also well optimized and can be called almost perfect. There are additional tweaks such as low-friction spindles that will ensure the operation is smooth overall.

Built-in pre-amp

The good thing here is that there isn’t a need for having varied other appliances as they aren’t necessary. There is the built-in preamplifier that will be connecting directly to the amp making everything easy.

DC Motor of high torque

Tn-400s can offer the energy required for making the records spin and keep it going for hours. There is the turntable that’s belt-driven for ensuring that there is max speed control. You won’t have to stress about the intermittent slipping or signals. They playback stays stable.

One feature that I found to be cool was the USB port that it comes with. So you can back-up the vinyl on your personal computer as well. Remember that when you will be saving it on the digital format there is a chance that the sound flattens a little bit. This difference won’t be too marked, so you can still enjoy the backups on the digital player be it a laptop, phone.

Terminals are gold plated

You will get RCA connector pairs that are gold plated. These are made for making sure that it offers a durable and reliable connection towards the receiver line or the phono inputs. The headshell connectors having these terminals also prevent oxidation making sure that you have years of performance that’s reliable and the audio fidelity is stunning.


Overall I can say that TN-400s belt driven is one of the record players that will be worth the price. You will have a pleasant listening experience and as the design is good, a great visual experience as well. So in case you had been searching or a basic machine and you are not much concerned about upgrading the past stock, you will like this one as well.

What About The Customer Review?

It’s always a wise choice to go through some of the users that had used the product. This gives a fair idea of the good and the bad related to it. We have some of the customer reviews that can help you to make an informed decision:

  • One of the customers says and we quote. “ This is durable and simple to set-up product. Have been using it for over 600 hours and the sound still seems to be crisp. They have included stylus of high quality. The build is great and has easy controls. One can also use it without speakers. Have not used the USB feature yet. Had replaced an old vector research model from the ’80s and I’m satisfied with the sound and look of the product”. The customer also had given a five-star rating for this one.
  • Another customer found it to be a bit irritating and rated it 3 out of 5. He says ” Had bout this one some time ago and was waiting for setting it up till I could get all of the needle cleaner, D4+, record cleaner, and other required supplies. Set up everything and began playing some blues and jazz records just to find out that the stylus isn’t working well. There was a choppy sound as if it had been dragged on gravel. So had to change the cable and used another pre-amp for making sure there wasn’t another issue. The problem was that I tried using the same cables for another turntable and it worked fine. Now I have to buy a new stylus. It will be nice if I could get a replacement.

FAQs about Teac Tn-400s

1. Where can I get TEAC Record Player TN-400s?

The product is available on Amazon where there is also a 7-day replacement option available.

2. What about the Warranty?

TEAC offers a standard warranty of one year against manufacturing defects. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that replacement needled will be something that can get a bit difficult for sourcing in some of the parts of the U.S.A.

3. How Is The Sound Quality Of Teac Tn-400s Belt Driven Turntable?

Even though this is an affordable choice, the aspect should not fool you. One can expect the sound of fine quality from the product as the brand is already known for offering a better price than the competitors for the most part.

4. What About the Build Quality?

The built quality is solid. The platform is made of heavy MDF and has a strong built. It also reduces the resonance while adding to the great sound quality. It comes with a strong scratch-resistant lid made of plastic. Overall the machinery is sure to last for years without any problems.

5. Does it have an automatic shut-off?

No this doesn’t come with automatic shut off and is a manual model.

6. What Operating System does it support?

Well, you can connect the Windows OS and the Mac OS X systems through the USB connection of the turntable.

7. Does it come with a dust cover?

Yes, the Tn-400s model does come with a dust cover that’s detachable.

Final thoughts: Is Teac TN-400s worth it?

Well from the Teac TN-400s review you must have understood that this will be a good choice for beginners and people that have a love for music. The model doesn’t come with some of the extras available in the expensive ones, but features are something that matters.

The brand has been known for offering feature-rich products at lost costs. Therefore I do recommend this one if you are looking for something affordable yet durable. Teac can offer you a good turntable that has a motor with silent operation and three speeds. This means that it is a value for money product.

TEAC TN-400s
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