The record player that you have at home might seem to be an integral part of the house, but understand that it’s a machine and there is a need for proper maintenance and care. And how to replace a needle on a record player is a problem that a lot of us face. For making sure that the record player lasts for a long time, make sure that you are treating it right.

There is of course a need for needle replacement as you will notice that the record player hasn’t been functioning in the way it must. There can be an alteration noticed in the music produced. Then you know that it’s time for needle replacement for the record player. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t give an amateur for fixing it, as the turntables are passed on for generations and have immense value.

This is why it’s one work that needs to be done by you or a professional. And taking professional help will get expensive, so why not learn how to replace a needle on a record player through our simple guide, right here!!

How to Replace a Needle On A Record Player

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What Is The Functionality Of Needle For A Turntable?

Before we understand the process of replacement, let’s take some time out and know why we need a needle for the record player. The needle remains a vital part of the record player cartridge. It also helps you in understanding the speaker’s sound quality.

This is the main part that keeps in contact with the record directly. Along the record grooves, the needle has to move along and read the audio that’s engraved there originally. The needle is mainly an important component that is interpreting music that has been imprinted and then sends it towards a magnetic cartridge. This is the place it gets converted to electric signals and we can hear the beautiful music.

What Happens If The Needle Doesn’t Work Properly?

In case the needle has become old or damaged, the music interpretation from the record won’t be correct. This means that the speakers and amplifier will get inaccurate as well. The result that you will get will be a distorted version of the original sounds.

Now, this is the main reason why you need to pay attention to needle replacement. This will also make sure that there are no damages caused to the record itself as that will be permanent damage. Needle replacement is a task that needs extreme care and an eye for detail. This will make sure that any kind of risk is minimized in the long run.

How to Replace A Needle On A Record Player?

Replacement of the record player needle isn’t a tough task. If you complete your research well and practice a bit, you will be able to do so by yourself and this will save so much of your money. But make sure that you are aware of all the aspects before you go ahead with the attempt.

Begin Your Research

There is an ample amount of research that’s needed from your side before you go ahead with needle replacement. The record players are of different shapes and sizes. Each of the turntables needs a specific type and size of the needle.

For successful needle replacement, you have to get information on the needle being used for your record player. One of the easiest ways for understanding that is by looking at the cartridge serial number that will help you find the right needle.

In a situation, where you aren’t able to do so, just take the owner’s manual and observe the specification section. There are usually instructions provided over needle replacement and is the best information source.

Also, if you have lost the manual as well, don’t worry. Most of the models do have their manuals available online as well. You can take a look at the official website of the manufacturer. You can even get in touch with the manufacturer and ask if they will be able to send a copy if it’s not already mentioned on the website.

Once you have this information, you can buy the right needle correctly and begin with the replacement procedure.

Consulting a Professional

You can always take the record player to a professional if you aren’t able to determine the record player serial number. They will be able to get you the information by just taking a look.

Unplugging the Unit

The machine has to be unplugged entirely before you start with needle replacement. Then there won’t be any chances of anyone getting an electric shock and the device remains completely safe when you handle it.

Also, remove the record if it was placed earlier. There shouldn’t be any damage caused to the vinyl record while you go ahead with the replacement of the needle. Another important aspect is placing the new needle a bit away from the old one. It ensures that both of them don’t get mixed.

Unscrew Headshell For Removing The Needle

Some record tables have removable headshells. This is very easy to do as you just have to unscrew the needle.

Unlock Lever Present On the Arm

In some of the models, there can be a need for unlocking the lever that assures stiff placement of the tone-arm. There are two screws that you will see towards the ending of the tone-arm. These are easily visible. You can also use a screwdriver and move it in the opposite direction for loosening up the screws.

Once the lever is unlocked, the lever easily gets pulled out. Try not to put any additional pressure over the metallic arm as it can bend leading to shape alteration that we don’t want.

Fit The Needle In Place

After you can remove the old needle, one can see an open spot. This is where the needle has to be inserted. This new needle has to be carefully handled and the pointy side has to face downwards.

Tighten Screws Back Over Tone-Arm

Once you have placed the needle properly, it’s time to re-tighten the tone-arm screws. This is going to fix it back to the original place.

Testing Of New Needle

This is it! You have finished this task of replacing the delicate needle over the turntable. Now plug the machine and test to see if the work is done correctly. If there are no issues observed, you have successfully replaced the needle.

In case you are hearing some unusual sounds, a re-fix is required.

You might notice skipping or scratching sound. This will indicate that there are issues in needle replacement. You can adjust the tone-arm to see if the issue gets solved with it. If there is still a constant unusual sound then we advise taking it to professionals. They may suggest needle replacement, but try to observe when they do it. This will be giving you some time for observing the opportunity of learning the process so that you can do it on your own in the future properly.

Final Thoughts

The old, classic music has a charm of its own and a record player helps us with such music. I hope this blog will prove helpful in providing all of the information needed with how to replace a needle on a record player. The step by step guide will make your work easier.

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