Sure, you want to be on the throne and have the freedom to drum your content while you still can enjoy the music. However, you have to learn the drum before getting there. This writing is about top-rated cheap drum sets to start jamming around with. All these products are under 300 dollars. Consider our reviews before making your decision.

Cheap Drum Sets Under 300 Dollars

Cheap Drum Sets Comparison Table


Cheap Drum Sets
Product Image Product Name Brand Value Check Price
Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Seven Piece Alesis $$$

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Mendini by Cecilio Mendini by Cecilio Mendini $$

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HXW SD61-2 Electric Drum Set HXW SD61-2 Electric Drum Set HXW $$

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Simmons SD350 Simmons SD350 Simmons $

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Nehringer XD8USB/XD80USB Nehringer XD8USB/XD80USB Nehringer $$

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Gammon Percussion Drum Set Gammon Percussion Drum Set Gammon Percussion $$$

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Carlsbro CSD130 Carlsbro CSD130 Carlsbro $$$

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Alesis Nitro Kit Electric Drum Set Alesis Nitro Kit Electric Drum Set Alesis $$$

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Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Paxcess Electronic Drum Set Paxcess $$$

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RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit RockJam $$$

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Top 10 Cheap Drum Sets under $300 Reviews

Are you looking for cheap drum sets & kits? Today I will bring for you a completed list some of the best drum sets and electronic drum sets which perfect for beginners, kids and experienced players. There are numerous options for under $300, $200 and $100. I hope you will get your good cheap drum sets.

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Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit – Cheap 7 Piece Drum Sets

This Alesis Turbo Mesh drum kit that comes from the brand Alesis is of great value. You get 3 cymbal pads and 5 drum pads with it. As the entire drum pads kit is of mesh variety it adds to the overall benefit. The mesh heads make sure that there is silent playing and a natural bounce is offered for drumsticks. The diameter of the drum pads is 8 inches and the cymbal pads are 10 inches and made of a gel-like material.

The module has been loaded with more than 100 sounds that you can experiment with. There is an entire range from classics to modern and some alternatives in each section. For better practice, you can also search for the 30 tracks for playing along that makes this purchase an ideal one as you develop your drumming talent. You also get an interesting coach function that the company has included. This helps with enhancing creativity and timing. You also get a rack of sturdy material that keeps the mesh kit balanced and can be folded away for storage uses.

Alesis Drums Turbo Mesh Kit 7 Piece Drum Sets
  • This is a value for money product.
  • The mesh heads add to the realism.
  • Sticks are included.


  • There are no bass drum towers or hi-hat stands included, just pedals.
  • The free-floating pedals can at times like realism.

Mendini by Cecilio 13 inch 3-Piece – Cheap Drum Set Kids/Junior

The mendini by cecilio drum set is a full-size kit by Mending and an unbelievable price under 100. This will be a good option for you if you are a beginner. Also, this is a decent set that can be easily carried with you for the first few years of your drumming practices. Even after the stock heads are included, the sound is surprisingly great. The kit also sets up just like any other acoustic kit that you get online. That makes the transition smooth and easy for any other drum kit without the need for unlearning anything.

This will be a perfect choice for people that are over the height of 5 feet. So adults that are looking for something that can help with primary practice will be fine.

Mendini by Cecilio 13 inch 3-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set
  • This remains one of the cheapest options that you can find in the market.
  • You get everything that you need, and just start playing as soon as it’s out from the box.
  • The sound of drums is decent and can be great with tuning.
  • You get seven color options to choose from.


  • Similar to most of the drum kits that you find at this cost, the cymbals are of lower quality.
  • Treat this one as a practice kit as it doesn’t seem well to be taken on stage.

HXW SD61-2 Electric Drum Set – Best Cheap 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

The HXW SD61-2 (Avatar) is another drum set that’s of decent quality and an entry-level option. At just under $300 price range, you get all of the features that you need but don’t expect anything exceptionally different. It is a fun kit for beginners. The first preset is specifically nice and offers a punchy sound that will go through well with the headphones or if you make use of an amplifier. You get an 8-inch mesh pad that’s the dual-zone.

It is of good quality and offers a decent dynamic and accurately responds to the strikes. The module has one audio output that can be used for external pre-amp or headphones.

HXW SD61-2 Electric Drum Set Compact 8 Piece Electronic Drum Kit
  • Good product at an affordable price.
  • The set-up is easy and compact.
  • The drum module is simple to use.
  • For the snare, the dual mesh head works well.
  • Its cymbal choke is also good.


  • Because of the compact rack, you get low adjustment potential.
  • The toms have rubber heads.

Simmons SD350

This drum set includes all mesh pads. Also, it has a small two-post drum pack. These pads are not the exact same pad due to the single-zone toms. It offers you only one sound from the drum head area.

It will give you the rim shit as well as the drum head sound. However, the drum model is limited. Therefore, it gives you only 179 sounds and a bare minimum choice. Plus, it doesn’t allow you to plug in extra pads.

This is a drum set for your budget. It brings a cool iPhone to add that allows you to control the drum module.

Simmons SD350
  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers the rim shit and the drum head sound
  • Allows for drum module control


  • Limited in sounds
  • Not allow to plug in extra pads.


Nehringer XD8USB/XD80USB

The set includes 123 sounds of the XD8USB and 175 sounds of the XD80USB. This set is the exact same size as the different sets. It offers you pads of 8 inches for the tomes as well as the snare.

It comes with the 12-inch cymbals, so they’re larger compared to the other two drum sets. Just like the Simmons, this drum set doesn’t feature many ports on. It only offers you a very basic choice of different sounds.

Nehringer XD8USB/XD80USB
  • Affordable price
  • Larger cymbals than other two drum sets


  • Gives only one very basic option of different sounds.


Gammon Percussion Drum Set

If you want an acoustic drum set, consider choosing the Gammon Percussion. It costs under 300 dollars. This set is designed for adults. Therefore, it’s suitable for those are not above 6.5ft.

This drum set comes with all the things you need to start drumming. Moreover, it’s a good choice for beginner drummers. However, this one could do with a better sound crash cymbal. Some people even want to upgrade the set once they get better.

Gammon Percussion Drum Set
  • Affordable price
  • Great for beginner drummers
  • Made for adults
  • Offers all essential things to start drumming


  • Could do with a better sound crash cymbal


Carlsbro CSD130

If you are finding the best drum set on a budget, don’t miss the Carlsbro CSD130. This product costs around $300. It is built with cymbal pads. It brings a compact setup. Since it’s portable, you can move it around with ease.

Moreover, this set offers a real bass drum pedal and pad. Its design can help to decrease the amount of movement and vibration. It means you can use it with more comfort. At the same time, you can also get a stable playing experience. It features 250 sounds in the drum module. You can also use this set to play along with MP3.

Carlsbro CSD130
  • Budget-friendly
  • Dual-zone snare
  • Includes bass pedal
  • Compact design


  • Lack of the quietness of mesh in the rubber pads


Alesis Nitro Kit Electric Drum Set

This drum set comes with 2 pedals, 3 cymbal pads, and 4 drum pads. It is available at an affordable price tag. Also, it gives you a metronome function due to its drum module. Moreover, the drum module offers you the ability to choose between different drum set sounds.

This drum set is versatile. Moreover, it is generally quieter than the others. If you are looking for a budget-friendly drum set for beginners, this unit is for you. The only downside of this set is that it takes up more space than others.

Alesis Nitro Kit Electric Drum Set
  • Affordable price
  • Versatile
  • Includes metronome and coaching functions
  • Great for beginners


  • Takes up more spaces

PAXCESS – Cheap Electronic Drum Set

Another ideal choice for beginners and the company has tried to keep the final cost low. Without any disturbance to your peace, your child will be able to have the learning sessions. There are built-in speakers of high quality. There are also acoustic drums of huge variety. The earphone jack that comes with this set makes sure that anyone can practice quietly.

One can also connect the set with a computer and play any drum game. There is a rechargeable battery that powers it and offers a continuous play of about ten hours.

PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set
  • This is a portable drum kit that provides all features for a professional.
  • The battery is high powered and you can easily operate for about 10 hours after full charging.
  • The earphone jacks, one can practice without disturbing others.
  • There is a built-in speaker that’s best in this range.


  • Sometimes, the sound comes out distorted.
  • Some users have slights complaints regarding battery life.

RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit

If you are searching for something that is as low cost as one can find, the electric drum kit from RockJam will be just perfect for people that want all functions but spend less. This drum kit has 9 drum pads and each one of these offers specific different sounds. You can experiment from a range of snares and cymbals and the list goes on. Then there is an additional factor of portability that remains unbeatable.

So if you want to travel with it, or store it when not using it this can be rolled easily.  But also keep in mind that because of the roll-up there will be a hit over the quality, but still you can rest assured of decent sound quality. The set also has a USB port, record function, and good quality built-in speakers. When you compare the cost you pay with the amazing functions and portability, this one cannot be beaten.

RockJam Portable MIDI Electronic Roll Up Drum Kit
  • This is a super cost-effective drum set with endless features.
  • It is one of the best choices if portability is of the top priority for you.
  • Great for sharpening your craft while one travels.
  • You get all of the vital accessories.


  • Some people might find this one small.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Drum Sets


You will want to go for some things when choosing an electric drum set depending on your experience. You should determine whether the kit can be put in the only one location or you will have to transport it often. If it needs to be transported regularly, it’s best to go for portability. May sets excel when mentioning to folding away into small areas while others are not for that.


It’s also essential to look at volume. Consider if you need mesh heads. With mesh heads, you can decrease the volume in comparison with rubber pads. However, these heads are not totally quiet. Although free-floating pedals are quieter, they are lack of realism.

Module functions

You need to read all about the features of the drum module you plan to buy. With some modules, you can do advanced stuff. Certain modules come with really cool coaching functions that can enhance timing as well as musicality.

Some modules are basic. They just offer drum sounds as well as some backing tracks. That’s why it’s essential to read about the features before making your choice.

User Age and Size

It’s important for you to choose the right kit for whoever will playing the drum set. Most electric drum sets are designed to suit players of all sizes, while others are not flexible. You also need to consider the usability of the module.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Drum Sets

How long it will take to learn drums?

It’s a good idea to spend two practicing on your drum pad for every hour you spend in drum lessons. Be patient! As long as you have the aptitude, dedication, and work, you can learn the drum very quickly. In fact, you may take 18 months to 2 years to become really good.

Can I learn Drums at 40?

Many people want to take drum lessons at 40. However, they may be concerned about they’re too old to start. In fact, you can learn drums whenever you want. Indeed, studies have shown that you can get benefits of drum lessons at any age.

Can anyone play the drums?

Actually, learning to play the drums is threatening. In fact, most people think that they don’t have the rhythm to play the drum. However, it’s not right. As long as you have enough practice and the proper amount of discipline, you can learn how to play the drums.


After looking at our top 5 cheap drum sets above, you can see that these products may be suitable for new drummers who only want to get a budget-friendly drum set to start drumming on. All of the products above are affordable drum sets with the limitations you would look for at this beginner price range.

Hopefully, these sets mentioned here are useful for you. And, they can help you to kickstart your drumming journey.

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