For a lot of music enthusiasts across the world, nothing compares to the good old nostalgia that a vinyl record gives. The issue, however, is that most of these are large and expensive and are mostly suited for professionals.  But this does not have to be the case forever.

You just need to pick the best portable record players from the list that we mention below.  I have gone through several customer reviews to give you the information that you had been looking for. All of the features and the information critical before making a purchase are provided right here!

Best Portable Record Player

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Portable Record Player Comparison Table

Best Portable Vinyl Record Players
Product Image Product Name Brand Value Check Price
Crosley CR6019A-BR Crosley CR6019A-BR: Portable USB Turntable Crosley $$

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Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage: 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable Crosley $$

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Numark – PT01 – USB Numark – PT01 – USB: Portable Vinyl-Archiving Turntable Numark $$

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DIGITNOW Record Player DigitNow Record Player: Turntable Suitcase Bluetooth/FM/USB DIGITNOW $$$

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1byone Turquoise Portable Stereo Turntable 1byone Turquoise Portable Stereo: Vinyl Record Player with Magnetic Cartridge 1byone $$

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Portable Record Player Reviews

Crosley CR6019A-BR – Best Design record Player

Whenever one talks about the record player from Crosley, this is one of the models that offer an executive and professional look. The record player has been made in a manner that its portable and can be travelled with ease.

This works on three speeds and is USB supported as well. It comes with a pre-amp and has dual speakers for offering authentic and rich sounds and you won’t need any additional equipment for it to work. There are also all of the output and auxiliary input that makes feature-filled.

Crosley CR6019A-BR
  • The design is aesthetic which makes it stand out from the rest of the record players available in the market.
  • At 7 pounds this is a lightweight record player that you can travel with.
  • There are inbuilt stereo speakers that produce high-quality sound.
  • USB connectivity and pre-amp offer music digitization.
  • Available in 4 colour options.


  • The price difference between colour options is almost double. So you’ll have to pay more if you choose the expensive colour.

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage: Most colour options

This is a highly portable record player and weighs just 5.5 pounds. It has received a quality improvement in the pitch controls and has Bluetooth features. You can easily stream the latest music from the smartphone and play on it.

This is a belt-driven turntable and has Bluetooth connectivity as well. The stereo speakers are dynamic and full range making sure that you enjoy the best music. Three cool colour options assure that you will find something as per the individual taste. You can connect external speakers to it through the RCA connector.

The system comes with an included AUX cord that helps you to connect the headphones for personal music experience. The cartridge-style is ceramic in this one.

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Vintage
  • The design of the record player is modern and is available in cute colour options.
  • The adjustable pitch control offers more control over music quality.
  • It comes with three speeds for playback.


  • There is no option for music transfer through USB.
  • Doesn’t seem durable as per the build quality seems poor.

Numark – PT01 – USB – Best Overall record player

One of the best advantages of this record player is that it can work on a battery as well. There is a need for 6 D batteries and you will have to purchase it additionally. You do get an AC adaptor, so you can begin listening to good music as soon as it arrives.

I like the simple packaging of the turntable and there is a lid that comes with it. You can easily unclip it whenever you feel like it. The USB port allows you to connect smart devices with it. This also helps in converting the vinyl record in any digital format that you like.

It comes with a stylus that is sapphire tipped and this can result in needle wearing off fast. Therefore there will be a need for replacement in the future.

Numark – PT01 – USB
  • It offers a battery power option.
  • Protective dust cover comes with it.
  • Allows transfer of the record to digital format.
  • Three RPM speeds.


  • The speaker quality isn’t great.
  • The stylus isn’t diamond-tipped.

DIGITNOW Record Player – Most Budget-Friendly Record Player

This is the new entry in the record player market and comes from the brand called DIGITNOW. This is one of the most affordable options for the best portable record player. It has all of the features that you typically look for in a portable record player. Some value-added features make this one a complete value for money product.

The turntable comes with receiver for FM radio that makes it a unique choice. This certainly takes you back to the olden days when the record players had started to expand the features. There are also some features or MP3 and iPod that makes sure that you can play all of the music that existed a few decades ago.

It also has the capability for recording vinyl or radio to USB and is one of the best ways for preserving music. The only issue that can come up is that the saved audio quality might not be the best.

DIGITNOW Record Player
  • Comes with 3-speed playback, so you can play vinyl records of all kinds.
  • There is a unique FM radio receiver.
  • You can save vinyl or radio playback on USB.
  • Comes with an LCD screen and an attractive backlight.
  • Has an RCA line for connecting the auxiliary speaker or headphones.


  1. The material used for record players looks cheap; therefore it might not be durable.
  2. The playback quality needs improvement.

1byone Turquoise Portable Stereo Turntable – Most lightweight Record player

The company had portability in mind while designing this record player. The suitcase design makes it portable and set-up is easy. As it’s just about 6 pounds in weight, carrying it is exceptionally easy.

This is a belt-driven model and offers great sound quality as well. It also comes with three-speed controls and you can also connect your headphones with it.

1byone Turquoise Portable Stereo Turntable
  • Light in weight.
  • It is belt-driven hence offers vibration-free music.
  • Easy to set up and connect with headphones.


  • No Bluetooth function.
  • You won’t be able to play it with closed lid for dust protection.

Best Portable Record Player:  Buying Guide

There are some important questions and factors to keep in mind when you look forward to by a portable record player. Here is a simple guide for making your shopping spree easy:

Ask Yourself:

Record players are an individual choice for sure. Therefore ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Is there a need for additional features like Bluetooth?
  3. Discovering personal style.

After you have decided on the key features above you will have the clarity on what exactly you are looking for. Here are the factors that need notice:


This is the first step and an important one. Understand that portable record players can range from $ 50 to $ 500.  Therefore, the seriousness of use comes into play here. You need to figure out all of the features that you find necessary in your record player. Are you searching for the best or the newest model? Do you like the simple design? Well, we are looking for something that perfectly fits your style and accordingly a budget.


As we are looking for a portable device here, one doesn’t want to choose the one that can only work power cord. Therefore, search for a model that can also work well with battery power.  Usually, the best models do have a rechargeable battery as well. This makes sure that you can enjoy your favourite music wherever you go.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is one of the things that makes your listening experience as great as possible. And when it comes to portable models, you have to be sure that it has high-quality speakers. Usually, the in-built speakers are relatively small in the portable record players. This might not offer the sound quality that you expect from the vinyl record.

Bluetooth Connectivity:

If you do need to connect other smart devices with the record player, but don’t want to spend more go for the player that already has the feature. This will help you saving money on additional equipment and you will also be able to listen to other media apart from the records alone.


This is also one of the important factors when you are going to spend so much money on a record player. Portable record players are often carried with the owner on trips and while travelling. If it’s not made of quality material there is a high probability that it gets damaged while any rough treatment. This can also hinder great music experience. So make sure you pay attention to the build quality and warranty that comes with the product.


The initial signals that are produced by the cartridge are usually accurate but can be weak. This is why record players have to feed in a preamplifier for offering levels that makes sure quality music comes out from the speakers. This can be built in the record player or you can buy it as a separate component as well. Certainly, this can be an added gear for the gadget but while you are using the best cartridge, this will make sure that you get the most value for investment. There is also a choice for moving coil or moving magnet cartridge so be observant with what you want.


Belt drive and direct drive are the two options available in record players. The direct drive will be providing you with high speed with low sound distortion. The belt drive models offer less vibration while listening to audio. Both of them come with its pros and cons and it all comes down to the personal choice of what you are looking for.

Perks Of Best Portable Record Player

A lot of people that choose to add record players in their collection do so as they like the vintage and antique feel of vinyl music. But that doesn’t mean that your record player won’t offer modern music! As we stated earlier there are some great portable and affordable record players that showcase modern trends and incorporate new technology.

The newer Record players have features like:

  1. Cassette player.
  2. CD player.
  3. Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. USB port.
  5. MP3 capability.
  6. Several auxiliary connections.

Portable record players are not a barrier if you want to listen to music in the modern format. But what happens when you want to listen to the latest music on vinyl? Well, this is sorted! Plenty of new artists are catching up on the turntable trend and benefiting from it as well. This means that there are popular bands and artists whose music you can listen to vinyl and this is not restricted to just one genre.

Organic nature of the vinyl tracks working through the top record players and has modern features that offer wonderful music experience. With all of the added development that we observe you can say that record players are almost similar to any of the modern methods of listening to quality music anywhere in the world!

FAQs on Best Portable Record Player 

Can I play an old record on the portable players?

Yes, if the record table comes with a diamond needle and can run at 33 or 45 RPM will be able to play old records as well. This means that one that is made after the ’50s.

Does all record work on any record player?

No, all of the record players might not use the same size of vinyl. There are three sizes of vinyl records available. Depending on the RPM of the record player you have, one gets an idea on if that specific one will work on your turntable.

What is the cause for a brand new record that makes it skip songs?

One of the common reasons can be dirt and dust that sometimes gets inside the grooves of the record. While this can happen in old records because of storage, environment dust, or paper sleeves it can happen so with new records as well. It is best to clean the record before playing for preventing such a scenario.

Are turntables and record players different?

In one of the simplest forms, turntables are a major part of the record player. This is that part that holds the record and also spins it. In one sense the word turntable and record player can be similar, but often turntables might not have an amplifier or built-in speakers in them.


There are several things that one has to keep in mind while searching for the best portable record player. One has to get information on the speed it works on, if external speakers can be connected or not, sound quality, and of course the ease of transportation. Hopefully, the information given above must have given you key ideas that can help you get the most suited product for yourself.

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